Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I know what you're thinking. Who in the world needs a balloon sizer anyway?? Well being able to make balloon sizers is actually one of the basic skills that every professional balloon decorator should have. So all you mommies out there, fold up your sleeves and let's start!

How to make a balloon sizer using nothing but carton (literally!)

One secret to professional looking balloon pillars and arches is to inflate the balloons exactly in the same sizes. Professionals use a "balloon sizer", usually a plastic box or a flat plane with circular cut-outs of the different balloon sizes.

You can either purchase your own balloon sizer or with the recession squeezing our budget, you can inexpensively create your own balloon sizer and create balloon pillars and arches like a pro!

Step 1: Take a large cardboard box, preferably a square box. In my case, I could not find an evenly-sided box so I had to do with what I had at home: an old carton box my brother used to store his old dvds (no this is not porn!)
Step 2: Mark out the center of your circle. Get a ruler and from your point in the center, mark the radius from the center to the side. I started with the 10 inch size since this is often the size used for pillars and entrance arches.Step 3:Using the marks you've placed on four points of your circle (left, right, top bottom) and the center point, get a compass to mark out your perfect circle.
Step 4: Using a cutter, carefully cut out the circle you've marked with your compass.
With just a few simple steps, we're done in making our own balloon sizer! Repeat these steps with other balloon sizes (5, 8, 9, 11 and 12) and you can start making your own balloon structures!!




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